Summer is approching, Provide food and water for animals and birds

Summer, It is the season of Cold drinks, Ice cream and other eatables which make us cool, right ?

Just like us , the animals and birds also feel the same, [no one expects that they must be given cold drinks and ice cream but atleast simple food, water can certainly be provided ]

As humans it is our duty to help other living beings who are living along with us on this earth. Sadly we have encroached their habitat and almost every area of the earth suitable for humans and have not left any space for them  to live freely. If we rolled some years back, we can visualize that the climate was steady, the concrete jungle was less, less pollution…. and it goes on [the ok days..]

But now the state has gone from ok to worse. The changing climate conditions have had a very bad effect on the poor animals and birds.

Even they have the right to live, food, water just as we have. They are not as selfish as the human race. They do not hoard food and water like us. 😉    Thus it is our duty and responsibility to provide food and water to these beings living with us. [Atleast when it is necessary, like the hot summer season]

Note: If you feel like helping them you can just keep a birds feeder for food and water or [for food :even a dish firmly placed can be just fine, for water: a plastic dish/cup ] in your backyard/any space where you feel it is easily possible for them to relish the food and water . This is a small gesture which will certainly make you happy. This happiness will always be with you !!!

I hope you too will get this happiness…

Thank You for reading 🙂


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