The Moon: Earth’s natural and FREE Tubelight

“Moon”, a simple natural entity that you can see almost daily. We hardly have time to look at it.
The other day, I was traveling by bus and from my window I could see this natural bright disc, fully lighted up and shone extremely bright making all other man-made lights feel envy.

I thought, “God really created wonders ! “

After a tiring day, the man-made lights felt harsh for my eyes, any bright light made my eyes close for a time being but, not the Moon.
The bright silver moon light felt soothing for my eyes and made my soul feel calm.

Also it is so many km away but still was perfectly visible with its “cool” light and gave me plenty of happiness. The Moon asks for nothing in return for whatever it gives you.

There are times when you really feel the awe and wonder and be greatful to God for this wonderful magical world.

Most of the times we do not have gratitude for small and common things in our lives, but these things may be the ones that can make quite a difference, the “MOON” is one of them.

I lastly want to thank the MOON for being there for everyone and GOD for making it. 🙂

Happy MOON Watching !!!


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