Do check my T shirt designs submitted for WCPune 2017

This year there was a T Shirt design contest for WCPune 2017, and thus I decided to take part. (I am not a designer though)

My Pre design views:
My idea was to design a simple t shirt which will not make it to blotted and filled up and will also try to convey my message. It should be decent looking for both men and women, especially for women.

My design:
I kept the WCPune logo on the front as in a view to keep it professional and simple. On the backside there is a “Made in Pune” stamp. [आत्ता वॊर्डकॅम्प पुणे म्हंटलं तर टी शर्ट वर “पुणे” असायलाच पाहिजे भाऊ… ]
Below it is the WCPune mascot “Wapsara” .

This was my first time for submitting an entry for t shirt design for any event. It was fun.

Thanks to all the organizers of WCPune 2017 for this contest.

Do vote for the design you like here




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