Re-adding the “Underline” and “Justify text” buttons in wordpress editor.

In WordPress 4.7 these 2 buttons were removed. Incase you want them back on your editor, surely you can do it easily

Step 1:
Install This plugin. Activate it.

Step 2:
Go to Settings > Writing page. Here we can configure the settings of the plugin.

The plugin settings label is  “Editor style”
It has a drop down with 2 options:
Drop down option 1: Simply to add these 2 buttons, selecting this option will add the buttons in the second row.
Drop down option 2: Re add buttons, selecting this option will add the buttons in the same place as they were before WordPress 4.7

Step 3:
Save the changes.

Step 4:
Done. GO and check out the post editor and use the Underline and Justify text button as before.

Happy WordPressing… 🙂


आमच्या पुण्याच्या वर्डकॅम्प ला यायचे बरं का !

वर्डकॅम्प पुणे २०१७ यंदा १५ जानेवारी २०१७ रोजी संपन्न होईल. {म्हणजे उद्या !!}
ह्या वेळेस प्रथमच मी पुणे वर्डकॅम्प ला हजेरी लावणार आहे, {या आधी मी पुणे वर्डकॅम्प ला follow करायची, पण जायला जमले नाही }, म्हणूनच माझी उत्सुकता शिगेला पोहोचली आहे.

तर मग भेटूया उद्या…

राम राम..


Do check my T shirt designs submitted for WCPune 2017

This year there was a T Shirt design contest for WCPune 2017, and thus I decided to take part. (I am not a designer though)

My Pre design views:
My idea was to design a simple t shirt which will not make it to blotted and filled up and will also try to convey my message. It should be decent looking for both men and women, especially for women.

My design:
I kept the WCPune logo on the front as in a view to keep it professional and simple. On the backside there is a “Made in Pune” stamp. [आत्ता वॊर्डकॅम्प पुणे म्हंटलं तर टी शर्ट वर “पुणे” असायलाच पाहिजे भाऊ… ]
Below it is the WCPune mascot “Wapsara” .

This was my first time for submitting an entry for t shirt design for any event. It was fun.

Thanks to all the organizers of WCPune 2017 for this contest.

Do vote for the design you like here



WCPune 2017


Wordcamp Pune 2017 is there at the starting point and is ready to blast off… Time for you to get ready too. WCPune 2017 will take place of 15th Jan 2017.

It will surely be fun and fully packed with loads of activities… Last year I wasn’t able to attend by this year I have my ticket reserved.

Tickets are available, make sure you buy them before they run out. This link for tickets.

Venue: Ness Wadia College of Commerce,
V.K. Jaog Path, 19, Bund Garden Rd, Sangamvadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411001, India


The Moon: Earth’s natural and FREE Tubelight

“Moon”, a simple natural entity that you can see almost daily. We hardly have time to look at it.
The other day, I was traveling by bus and from my window I could see this natural bright disc, fully lighted up and shone extremely bright making all other man-made lights feel envy.

I thought, “God really created wonders ! “

After a tiring day, the man-made lights felt harsh for my eyes, any bright light made my eyes close for a time being but, not the Moon.
The bright silver moon light felt soothing for my eyes and made my soul feel calm.

Also it is so many km away but still was perfectly visible with its “cool” light and gave me plenty of happiness. The Moon asks for nothing in return for whatever it gives you.

There are times when you really feel the awe and wonder and be greatful to God for this wonderful magical world.

Most of the times we do not have gratitude for small and common things in our lives, but these things may be the ones that can make quite a difference, the “MOON” is one of them.

I lastly want to thank the MOON for being there for everyone and GOD for making it. 🙂

Happy MOON Watching !!!

New Diwali Plugin: RS Diwali Lantern

Hello frnds,

Today I have come up with a new WordPress Plugin.

A new Diwali plugin for celebrating Diwali on our website (next year !) is now live on WordPress repo.

Plugin Name: RS Diwali Lantern

It places a beautiful lantern at the right top of your website. A very simple plugin, not too much decoration and stuff. Just a simple Lantern to give the feel of Diwali with its cozy light.

You can download it from HERE.


Summer is approching, Provide food and water for animals and birds

Summer, It is the season of Cold drinks, Ice cream and other eatables which make us cool, right ?

Just like us , the animals and birds also feel the same, [no one expects that they must be given cold drinks and ice cream but atleast simple food, water can certainly be provided ]

As humans it is our duty to help other living beings who are living along with us on this earth. Sadly we have encroached their habitat and almost every area of the earth suitable for humans and have not left any space for them  to live freely. If we rolled some years back, we can visualize that the climate was steady, the concrete jungle was less, less pollution…. and it goes on [the ok days..]

But now the state has gone from ok to worse. The changing climate conditions have had a very bad effect on the poor animals and birds.

Even they have the right to live, food, water just as we have. They are not as selfish as the human race. They do not hoard food and water like us. 😉    Thus it is our duty and responsibility to provide food and water to these beings living with us. [Atleast when it is necessary, like the hot summer season]

Note: If you feel like helping them you can just keep a birds feeder for food and water or [for food :even a dish firmly placed can be just fine, for water: a plastic dish/cup ] in your backyard/any space where you feel it is easily possible for them to relish the food and water . This is a small gesture which will certainly make you happy. This happiness will always be with you !!!

I hope you too will get this happiness…

Thank You for reading 🙂

Happy 29th Feb 2016

Hello Friends,

Happy 29th Feb  Feb, 2016. Today’s day is once in 4 Years i.e a special bonus day for all. 😉

This day Live your Dreams, Enjoy yourself, Make every one happy….

Make this day a memorable one…


Note:  Hey, 29th Feb, 2016, Thanks for coming this year. We will make this day useful and enjoy ourselves. See you soon after 4 years…

Excited for 2016 ?

What are you going to do to welcome 2016 ?